**** "...one of our best jazz trumpet soloists"

-A. Brunet/ The Press 

"... a pure, explosive jazz, but able to offer a renewed, free and personal interpretation of the form."
- France Music

**** "...Seguin's dynamically sculpted sound that is cohesive, celebratory and anthemic."
-D. McClenaghan/ all about jazz

**** "...not a record for the simple pleasure of sticking seven or eight pieces together : he consults, he thinks, conceptualizes. And bravo, because the result is nourishing."
- G. Bourgault-Côté / The duty

*** "...the emotional response to Migrations would likely remain the same. It summons a sensation akin to a cool breeze"
-Dustin Krcatovich  DOWNBEAT magazine

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©Jacques Kuba Seguin - ODD SOUND records